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We have one focus and one focus only – the best online casinos in the UK. We are strictly reviewing UK-casinos and strictly from a UK perspective. May websites reviews are based on experience from other jurisdictions which makes the reviews totally wrong for UK players.

With all the regulations from UKGC, the UK casinos without Gamstop are very different – even the same brands – for UK players compared to other EU players. That’s our edge and our mission – to provide real UK casino reviews.

Best UK Casino Sites 2020

CasinoFree SpinsBonusPlay
Vegas Wild
Red Lion Casino
Royal Oak Casino
WG Casino
Very Well Casino
Triumph Casino
Prestige Spin
Mister X Casino
Admiral Shark
Million Vegas
Maximum Casino
Magic Reels
Jackpot Charm
Fruity Chance
Fortune Clock Casino
CrazyStar Casino
Agent NoWager

Trustworthy Casino Sites

As a trustworthy casino site, many people reach out to us for help. People want to ask us questions about whether we know any good online casinos and what we ourselves would consider being the best UK casino sites out there.

We always welcome these questions and do the best we can to answer all of these questions, but we cannot always do this privately. Instead, we wanted to make this article to answer this question for us so that we do not have to come back to this topic all the time!

List of the Best UK Casino Sites

Now that you see our list, you might ask yourself why we chose these casinos over all of the others that are available. The reason for this is simple: we consider these casinos to be some of the best casinos that you can find!

Now, you might ask us a follow-up question: why, then, do we consider these casinos to be the best… We will now go over a few fundamental principles that we always try to follow when listing good casinos!

  1. Good casino bonuses. This is one of the most important things that we are emphasising. To us, there is no reason to use casinos that aren’t giving you a good run for your money. If the casino bonuses and welcome offers are wrong, then the casinos themselves probably aren’t that good either. Only the best UK casino sites can afford to give you useful bonuses, whereas bad ones will have to settle for cheap and nasty ones… We do have to say, however, that it is always absolutely vital to read the terms and conditions of these bonuses. We are trying to keep track of the casinos we put here, but sometimes things might slip through our fingers and casinos can change their bonuses on a moments notice. Keep your eyes peeled and never trust anyone else more than your own judgement!
  2. Safety and security. Have you ever tried playing at a casino that seems ultra reluctant in paying out your winnings? That totally sucks, but the fact of the matter is that not all casinos have the financial backing required to do honest enough business. When the casino is low on money, they might try to wiggle themselves free from having to pay you by referring to some of their more obscure rules. We generally try to make sure that we don’t include stinkers like this on our top lists!
  3. English language. We don’t want to link to sites that are in Russian or any other languages than English. If a casino doesn’t even have an English-language version, then they probably aren’t the best place for us to play!
  4. Additional campaigns. Not every online casino comes jam-packed with plenty of casino bonuses. In fact, most casinos only have welcome offers, and that’s that. For us, the best casinos are then ones that keep the bonuses coming and do not relent after you first seconds in.
  5. Bunch of games. This might be one of the most important things ever for an online casino. If your gambling website doesn’t have the newest and best games available, why would you even want to play there and waste your time and money? Our goal is to make sure that each of our so-called best UK casino sites is riddled with amazing slots that can take your breath away!

Selecting a Site

We kind of already touched on this above, but we feel like we have to reiterate some things.

Never, and we do mean never take other people’s casino and gambling advice as gospel! Whenever someone says that you should definitely try this casino or play this game, always be on high alert and use your brain.

People are frequently tellings us that we should play this and that slot just because they won 1000 times their bet on it. However, the fact that they won doesn’t mean that you will as these games are all about luck.

Other people’s successes and failures are in no shape or form related to your accomplishments or failures. This same thing goes for online casinos as well: just because someone wins at a certain casinos doesn’t mean that you are going to the moment that you start playing there.

Nor does someone endorsing a casino mean that you are going to like it. For instance, someone might recommend a casino that doesn’t have the games that you want to play or the payment methods that you usually use. These things are mostly about preference and not much else!

So – let’s break it down.

These so-called best UK casino sites that we have listed here are suitable for some people and not necessarily as good for others. Still, there is a reason why they are here and why you should look into them. We are here to please you and give you links so that you don’t have to search endlessly for places to play and that is precisely what we are doing here!

More About UK Casino Sites

Which is the best online casino site in the UK? What are the best legitimate online UK casinos? And How do I find the best UK Casino Sites? These are some of the questions that players have in mind who want to play online casino and are looking for the best casinos on offer. We offer an overview of reputable online casinos in the UK where one can play legally with no problems.

In our review of online casinos, we look at multiple factors the site has to offer new and existing players alike. For example, the selection of games, also their banking methods, customer service quality and overall experience of the site. Many reputable casinos today attract new players with an exclusive welcome bonus, top-notch VIP clubs and other inviting promotions.

But is the reputation of these casinos justified? What about the standard of customer service? Do they have a valid licensing to operate in the UK and elsewhere? We strive to bring you the best of the best and explore every inch of each casino, so you don’t experience any surprises.

Finding the Best UK Online Casino Site

All casino reviews are an essential tool when it comes to choosing the best online gaming experience from what the industry has to offer. Here at CasinoSitesUK.Org, we continuously strive to ensure that we only provide the most trusted information on the sites we review.

We view, consider, and compare many reputable and trusted casinos to see what they can offer our users better than the rest.

So, we carefully review and analyse all the pros and cons of any of the online casinos we present on our site. We consider many different criteria to create a list of the Best UK Casinos. Ratings of the casinos are based on the following factors:

  • Presence of the License: We carefully check if an online casino has a valid gaming license. That’s because we value the security of each player we recommend to any operator. We will never ignore such an essential aspect as the casinos licensing. If the casino is not valid and has no license, you will not see it here!
  • Casino Customer Support: We pay special attention to this section of any casino and the availability of the staff. Many of the casinos we promote will offer round the clock customer service. If any online casino offers 24/7 live chat support, we will certainly give it a higher rating; this is to make sure that players can get all the necessary information when needed—answers about all aspects of online casinos and gaming like account registration, bonuses, and banking methods.
  • Games and Software Providers: Availability of many games is proof that that casino is a safe and reliable site to choose. As a reputed Gaming Provider will not offer their name or reputation to an illegal casino. Many prominent and not so software companies are continually releasing new slots and games to the market. So, a decent online casino could feature a selection of games from the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, among others. However, this is not essential as some quality casino sites do not choose to offer these providers.
  • Payout Speeds ​​and Limits: There would typically be a high cash-out limit along with a fast cash-out procedure. This would be something we would consider to be a big plus from any operator. Casinos that pay their customers consistently on time and offer high cash in and out payment limits are also worth considering, as this is one feature that is one of the most important.

Different Types of UK Online Casino Sites

There are many different versions of Online Casino Sites for UK players, some new and some existing but already and available those enjoying the thrill of the spin. Online sites range from simple and the traditional to themed and the bizarre. It all depends on personal taste and choice to what site is right for you. We have broken down some noticeable versions and some not so much below.

  • Online Casino with Games that don’t need Downloading: This type of gambling website allows users to play games immediately once logged in. This is something that cannot be obvious to new players. This type of web-based casino does not require downloading of any game software. Which means you can easily access all the games on offer, open the site in the browser of your choice and play. Simple as that.
  • Online Casino Games that need Downloading: These types of online casinos require the downloading of specific software. This is to enable the user to play the games from the device of their choice, usually a desktop. This practice is, however, a little outdated, but some online casinos still adhere to this standard of play. This was the norm a few years back, but technology has advanced that it’s no longer needed, but there are still some casinos operating like this today.
  • Live Casino: People who still want to interact with the dealer without leaving the comfort of their home, then live casino is undoubtedly the best place to start playing. Such casinos offer the same atmosphere of any land-based casino with the bonus of without stepping a foot outside. Live casino means that players will interact with a Casino dealer in real-time; this is possible via live chat.
  • Mobile Casinos: Technological advancement has touched incredible heights, making it possible today to launch games from any smartphone or mobile device without any hassle. Mobile casinos are available in a fully responsive version of the desktop site for every player who likes to travel and want to play games for free or real money on the go.
  • Themed Casinos: These excellent sites can take the form of absolutely anything, from blockbuster movies, different era’s or specific dates in history, the seasons and celebrated holidays around the world, mystery and mythical themes and everything else in between. If you can think it, then it will probably have been already designed into a fantastic online casino. The options are limitless.

Payment Options at Best UK Casino Sites

This is an important one, and different online casinos will offer players with a selection of multiple payment options for depositing and withdrawals. We reveal the popular banking methods available at most of the best UK casinos for seamless online transactions. From the standard options to some of the newest payment methods available.

  1. Visa / MasterCard: A very reliable payment tool that allows players to pay directly into their Casino Account with no fuss are credit cards. Almost all online casinos support this type of payment method as the standard. This payment processor enables transactions to be processed securely quickly and efficiently—a favourite choice.
  2. PayPal: This popular e-wallet option allows fast, secure transactions online, directly taken from the player’s bank account. Also enables casino users to save their money in a web-based e-wallet, keeping it for later for more transaction options.
  3. Neteller: Another popular e-wallet payment system that is available in over 150 countries around the world. Just a few years ago, this payment method became the most popular deposit tool for various expenses associated with web-based transactions, primarily online gaming. Even today, many players choose this option as the number one payment option to deposit and withdrawal.
  4. PaySafeCard: This is another of the most widely used online payment methods for deposits at UK based online casinos. This is a perfect option for any user who is afraid of cybercrime and does not want to share their personal information with any third party online. In this regard, the PaySafeCard is a prepaid card which is 100% secure and reliable. However, it cannot be used for withdrawals.
  5. Skrill (Moneybookers): This is another perfect payment option for players with different preferences and needs. This banking method allows fast and efficient cash transfers with little effort. Transactions are settled within 24 hours, and it is one of the preferred choices amongst UK players. All that’s needed is a valid email address to create an account.
  6. A cryptocurrency (Bitcoin): This is one of the most innovative money storage tools that is growing in stature as it allows online casino users to cover various costs with extreme simplicity. Able to pay and play games over the Internet. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin gained popularity, especially the last few years. In 2017 there was a real boom in the digital money market. So it’s a perfect choice for any game-loving players who play online and want to remain anonymous with their digital transactions. This method is becoming more popular and more widely used.

However, this small list is not that’s only available, many other providers are being used. If you are in doubt about your choice of provider, then contact the casino’s customer service to update you on their full list of options.

UK Casinos Software Providers 

There’s a vast range of UK online casinos in the iGaming industry, and these sites all use different software providers to populate their casino lobbies. We offer an insight into some of the most reputed and trustworthy software providers extending their services to partner with some of the best UK online casinos:

  • NetEnt: This is a top-rated software developer that maintains a high rating amongst players in the iGaming industry. Indeed, NetEnt holds its steady market position and remains one of the most reputed and notable online game manufacturers in the online casino industry with its impeccable features, untarnished image and world-class games to the delight of casino users.
  • Microgaming: This is another software provider that is worth mention. Microgaming is a world-renowned game manufacturer that offers its services to a broad customer base. These guys were also the first in the industry, so they must be good.
  • IGT: This software provider is widely recognised around the world for its game-related services, for developing online casino entertainment and interactive games. We want to inform players that IGT enjoys a good reputation in the market because of its reliable and trustworthy performance.

This is just 3 of the vast selection of providers. There are existing giants like we mention and also many newcomers with s much talent as the previous mentioned. This again is all a matter of choice, what suits and entertains you the most will, of course, be a favourite. You can typically filter the games selected by the provider, so you will be able to find your favourite, and some new ones also.

UK Online Casinos Game Selection

Playing at a reliable and reputed casino is all about fun and entertainment. Thankfully, there is no shortage of games that players can choose from. Usually, there are a plethora of titles across different categories. From online slots to table games and video poker, there is everything that can satisfy the game hunger of both the newbie or high roller. Some of the most popular games worth playing at UK based online casinos include:

Slots: It is the most popular and widely played game category played online. No game format has benefited as much as online slots. Slot titles come with a wide range of themes, characters and engaging animations. At the same time, the games come with many enticing bonus features for players who want to increase their bankroll significantly. And day by day this preferred choice of game is only getting better and evolving for the better. Bringing us newer, more innovative and more engaging slots than before.

Table Games: These are a representation of the classic games from the land-based casinos that will never get out of fashion. Also, no other casino games offer a chance to win and use the skills as much as table games. Online casinos feature a wide range of different table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette.

Live Dealer: This is fast becoming one of the most popular games of choice that are widely played at online casinos today. This type of play eliminates the need of visiting any land-based casino with all the same benefits. Games are available via video streaming from land-based studios with a human dealer on the other side of the computer screen. It is also possible to interact with the dealer, croupier using the Live Chat menu.

Jackpot & Progressive Slots: These slots have become popular since they were first introduced as the excitement value is increased tenfold. With these slots, the stakes usually are much higher, but the win values are also considerably increased to the point that you can quickly become a millionaire with just a small pocket of change and one spin! It has happened before, but it is a rare occasion. This type of excitement attracts the high rollers and increases the adrenaline rush to new levels. You must try this type at least once!

Bingo: This is a version of the most popular game in the UK. Everyone loves a bit of bingo. This style of game can be present in various ways to the player, again depends on the preference. You can play bingo slots, or game cards, individually and in groups. This option at most UK online casinos is very diverse; you can even create your own bingo pool and chat among each other through a game chat function. It’s a very social game just like in real bingo.

Lottery: This has been around in various forms in the UK for many years. It has not long been introduced online since the National Lottery was first launched. It then made its way to online casinos and is just the same as going down the local shop and doing your numbers in store. This type of game removes the need to visit any shop; you can also play many other lotteries around the world, not just local and national ones—another popular British online game.

Scratch Cards: This is yet another popular online game, and kind of a spin-off from the lottery being introduced. Played the same as in real life, you must remove the covered section to see if you have matched several symbols to win a cash prize. Simple but fun, and very popular with the British, its also more guaranteed to win an award like in real life, but generally a low amount is won.

Different Types of Bonuses at UK Online Casinos

With the ever-increasing popularity of online casinos, it has become commonplace to see many versions of casino bonuses on offer. We furnish all the necessary information about existing extras that different UK based casino operator currently offers to their players. Have a look at 3 of the most popular prizes available:

  • Welcome offer or Sign-up Bonus: This online casino bonus is provided by all operators who want to welcome their newly registered customers. Designed to attract new players and who are eager to increase their bankroll. In this case, players have to complete the registration and verify the account credentials to claim this bonus. The welcome bonus usually can only be activated after making the first deposit.
  • No Deposit Casino Bonus: This type of bonus does not require players to make an initial deposit to claim a bonus. Players need to verify their credentials, and the operator will offer the reward. It is important to note that usually the bonus can only be used for playing selected slot titles. Also, the bonus winnings typically are subject to higher wagering requirements.
  • Free Spins Bonuses: This is a British favourite as most of the UK based online casinos offer free spins to their newbies. These free spin credits can be used on specific slot games from a particular software provider. It is worth mentioning that the free spins are time-bound and must be used within a particular time limit.

You will also see a mixture of all these bonuses, where new and existing online casinos are inventing new bonuses to attract the players, with any bonus its always best to read the terms and conditions of the bonus thoroughly, so you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered a few of the most commonly asked questions by players seeking a new UK online casino or the best UK online casino and have answered them for you, to help with the search and make your online casino journey much smoother.

Is playing at UK online casinos legal?

Online gambling is entirely legal in UK based casinos. However, the players must be more than 18 years of age and produce an identity proof before registering at any online casino.

Are UK casinos trustworthy?

As long as the online casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), playing at such casino is entirely safe. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is a reputed gaming commission that monitors online casinos and offers them the license to operate in the country.

What are the different games available at UK online casinos?

When it comes to games, players will be spoilt for choices. Games are available across a wide range of categories like slots, table games, card games, poker, live dealer and poker, Bingo, Lottery and ScratchCards, among others. For a guaranteed gaming experience, it is preferable to play at casinos which are powered by the popular providers like NetEnt, Microgaming or other reputed software providers. However, this is up to the individual; these operators are tried and tested.

Is it possible to play games at UK casinos for free?

Most UK online casinos offer games in what’s called “demo version” to understand the gameplay. Players have to visit their chosen casino to access the demo version of the games. However, it comes with limited functionalities, and players should deposit funds to explore the exclusive features of the games.

How to deposit money at UK online casinos?

To make a deposit, you must first open an account. Click on the corresponding Sign-Up button on the homepage of the casino and follow the on-screen instructions. A valid email address and a few details about yourself must be complete. After registration, log into the casino with your username and password and go to the cashier section. There you can select a payment method to your taste from the available list; this may even be offered in the sign-up process to save time.

Is my money safe at the online casino?

All financial transactions in UK based legal casinos are protected by sophisticated encryption and security technologies, such as those used by international credit institutions. And if you are anxious about leaving your sensitive bank details at the casino, you can use one of the prepaid methods offered, such as the PaySafeCard for deposits.

Best UK Casino Summary

For UK players today, the iGaming market looks excellent. There is plenty of choice of legal and reliable casinos that offer many online games that can also be played with a mobile device.

With secure payment methods and English-speaking customer service teams to assist if needed. For an immersive gaming experience, players should ideally do their background research about the given operator.

If you are one of those people who do not have the time for research and want to play games, you may check out our comprehensive list of the featured operators.

You can register at any of the advertised online casinos, click the link. We are more than sure that you will have the best gaming experience playing the games for free or real money. Have fun!